Jenny Lo

Industry Background


Program Intake

Pre-MBA/Part-time & Online MBA

Home Country


I truly enjoy the GLOBIS program, especially the Leadership and Technovate courses.

What made you decide to join the Pre-MBA at GLOBIS?

“I wanted to even out my course load, so I decided to start early with the Pre-MBA and get a basic understanding with the Fundamental courses.

The benefit of starting with the Pre-MBA is the early experience you get with MBA courses without needing to commit too much time. Taking one course at a time allowed me to experience what MBA study would be like before committing to a full program.”

What did you like the most about studying your MBA online?

I appreciated the ample time allowed for discussions and the smaller group breakout sessions for in-depth conversation. Also, the Part-time & Online MBA is a great starter for the digital and virtual work environment that we are now all in.

How did GLOBIS help you achieve professional or personal changes?

I have observed myself being able to leverage more perspectives and understand more cross-functional terminology in business. I also have gained new ways of thinking about my career and kokorozashi. GLOBIS equipped me with professional knowledge while providing structure, guidance, time, and peers for discussing, debating, and sharing thoughts on leadership and careers.

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