Takashi Tsutsumi


Critical Thinking (Full-Time Basis)
Essentials of Marketing & Strategy (Full-Time Basis)
Organizational Behavior and Leadership (Full-Time Basis)


PhD, Management Science, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
MBA, Ashridge Business School
BA, Economics, Kyoto Univeristy



Takashi Tsutsumi has significant expertise in human resources, especially within the pharmaceutical industry.

Previously, he worked at Eli Lilly Japan as a human resource business partner for the Diabetes Business Unit and at Tokio Marine Fire Insurance as a claims expert.

At GLOBIS University, he served as an organization development consultant before becoming a senior researcher. He is now responsible for program development in the discipline of human resource management and teaches Service Management for the MBA programs.

Faculty Message

We are delighted to have contributed to management education in Asia since 2012.

We have provided various management training for individuals and organisations, including critical thinking, leadership, and strategy. These programmes will become increasingly essential to survive the uncertain times.

Our case method approach is highly practical and participant-centred, making participants think about what decisions they should make in the situation at the time. Any leader can find and nurture your Kokorozashi or personal mission regardless of industry, function, or country.

Asian society is diverse and energetic, attracting many talented people worldwide. In the future, we will continue to commit to helping aspiring leaders who will change the world for the better.

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