Welcome to the GLOBIS Asia Campus, a hub campus located in the heart of Singapore.

GLOBIS Asia Campus is closely affiliated with GLOBIS University, Japan’s largest MBA provider.

In Japan, GLOBIS Corporation humbly started as a small classroom in 1992, led by Yoshito Hori, one of Japan’s leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Today, GLOBIS University has grown as business school having taught more than 6,000 alumni and more than one million professionals through its corporate training programs at one of five campuses nationwide and online.

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GLOBIS University prides itself on delivering cutting edge business education that can be applied right away.

Courses are taught by industry experts using the case study method to provide unique insights on what is happening in the business world. Students are encouraged to develop their kokorozashi ( or personal mission in Japanese), not only through the curriculum but also by utilizing the vast network of GLOBIS alumni and strong relationships with numerous corporations.

GLOBIS University wants to bring this same approach of practical learning, entrepreneurship, and unique insights on Japanese and Asian perspectives in business, to the GLOBIS Asia Campus in Singapore. By taking Pre-MBA courses in a subject that suits their area of interest, students can gain fundamental business skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s business world.

With its practical approach, strong ties to industry, and extensive network, GLOBIS University wants to make the GLOBIS Asia Campus an ideal place where students can discover their personal mission in life, and drive change and innovation.