Yoshito Hori President and Founder, GLOBIS Corporation
President, GLOBIS University
Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners
We are very excited to begin offering courses at our new institution in Singapore, GLOBIS Asia Campus.

Drawing from the same ideals and values that I had in mind when I started GLOBIS University in Japan, our mission has always been to pave the way for change and innovation. We do this by connecting our three core pillars: people, capital, and knowledge. Maintaining these pillars is what we envisioned when he founded a venture capital firm, a publishing company, and, of course, the business school.

GLOBIS University is Japan’s largest MBA program, with an emphasis on practicality and entrepreneurship. We take pride in delivering cutting edge business education utilizing the latest cases and insights from industry expert lecturers.

And now we are very much looking forward to bringing this experience to the people in Singapore.
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