Managers of GLOBIS Asia Campus

Mr. Takashi Tsutsumi

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Mr. Tomoya Nakamura

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Mr. Toru Takahashi

Academic Board and Examination Board Members

Mr. Takashi Tsutsumi

Chair/ Board Member
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Mr. Yoichiro Kawajiri

Board Member
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Mr. Tomoya Nakamura

Board Member
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Mr. Toru Takahashi

Board Member
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About the Academic Board

The Academic Board of GLOBIS Asia Campus (GAC) is responsible for the academic quality and rigor of GAC, developing the policies and procedures such as:

  • Formulating and reviewing policies, guidelines and procedures in relation to GAC course materials development
  • Formulating and reviewing procedures for monitoring the GAC competency of course standards
  • Making recommendations to the management on any major changes to the academic structure of GAC
  • Setting requirements for the admission and registration of students
  • Setting standards for examinations and assessments
  • Approving the conferment of GAC certificates of completion
  • Deploying of lecturers based on the requirements as stipulated by the CPE
  • Facilitating the PEI’s implementation and compliance with the policies and procedures developed
  • Reviewing, at least once a year, the academic policies and procedures
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About the Examination Board

The Examination Board of GLOBIS Asia Campus (GAC) is responsible for the development of examination and assessment procedures. It is responsible for the development, facilitation, and implementation of procedures in:

  • Defining the purpose, methods, and schedule of assessment
  • Defining and ensuring the proper distribution of duties and responsibilities of lecturers
  • Setting assessment criteria
  • Ensuring the proper conduct of assessments
  • Handling appeals from students with regard to assessment matters
Organizational Structure
GLOBIS Asia Campus (GAC) consist of two business area:
(1) Leadership development solutions for corporate clients and
(2) Business courses offering for individuals.
GLOBIS Asia Campus
Takashi Tsutsumi
Leadership Development Solutions for Corporate Clients
Takashi Tsutsumi
Business Courses Offering for Individuals
Takashi Tsutsumi
GLOBIS Asia Campus Facility
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12 Marina View #29-02, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961

Floor Area

Classroom 71.1㎡, Classroom and lounge: 123㎡, Office 25㎡ (Total: 148㎡)

Number of Classroom


Classroom Capacity


Classroom Equipment
  • 1 Projector
  • 6 Whiteboards (large)
  • 30 Chairs (Our seating style is island style, and seating maximum is 30)
  • 5 Tables
  • 1 Lectern
Lounge Equipment
  • 12 high chairs
  • 2 tables