Discover Your Life's Goal

GLOBIS exists to educate ambitious leaders and create positive changes in society. This is why we emphasize developing Kokorozashi – a personal mission in life. GLOBIS students are given ample opportunities to think deeply about their mission and build on their passions with a range of specialized courses.

The Japanese term Kokorozashi is interpreted by GLOBIS as having a personal mission, the very core of a leader’s strength.
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An Entrepreneurial Spirit is in our DNA
GLOBIS believes that entrepreneurs are the force that drives new ideas and processes, take risks and create value. In an ever-changing world, people who take the initiative and innovate will be the best positioned to lead. As GLOBIS was founded as a start-up venture in Japan, an entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. Many of our lecturers are seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, having founded businesses in Japan and around the world.
A Practical Approach to Learning

GLOBIS courses cut to the heart of business issues, allowing you to immediately apply your new skills in real life. Our curriculum is highly practical and is taught by seasoned professionals.

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