The GLOBIS brand has more than 29 Years of Ensuring Client Success in Japan, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, and beyond

With our global presence in Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, the US, and Europe, we possess extensive experience in online and in-person training and developed global training programs for a diverse range of nationalities.

By leveraging our global network, we have established partnerships with top-tier international business schools (ISB in India and
CEIBS in China) and collaborated with local training partners to offer a variety of immersion programs.
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Serving Various Industries

Serving thousands of clients across industries has allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of critical issues and solutions for every organization.

Practical Knowledge & Skills

Training contents developed by GLOBIS assures high quality learning and equips your learners with a great mix of of practical knowledge and skills.

Unique Training Solutions

Whether it is online or in person, we work closely with our clients to provide training that is unique and aligns with your corporate philosophy, vision, and strategy.

Programs Designed to Deliver Success

In this rapidly changing environment, we pursue the best solutions for our customers. Our GLOBIS consultants work with you to arrive at the best solutions for you through in-depth discussions and continuously refining the design of the program.


How GLOBIS Corporate Education is Unique

Kokorozashi-driven leaders
We are helping discover their kokorozashi, a personal mission that unifies the passions and skills of an individual to create positive change in Asian society and around the world.
Practical for Today’s Leaders
GLOBIS Faculty, chosen for their professional backgrounds and excellent facilitation skills, lead practical discussions and share the challenges they have overcome in their professional lives.
Synergy between Japan and overseas
We propose customized training programs that leverage GLOBIS global network and are consistent and synergistic between your Japan and overseas offices

Corporate Training Program Design Philosophy

Developing leaders who can drive organizations to new heights is essential, and we design programs that not only enhance their business knowledge and practical skills but also promote their "humanity" and help them discover their kokorozashi, their compass for life and decision-making.

We understand the importance of developing leaders and cultivating a strong organizational culture to achieve success in overseas expansion. That's why our team of organizational development professionals will work with you to design a customized program that aligns with your company's vision for the future.

Skills and Mindset Development



・Dissemination of Corporate Philosophy
・Kokorozashi Development
MBA Requirements-Fees and Scholarships fees


・Logical thinking
・Marketing / Strategy
・Accounting / Finance
・Facilitation / Negotiation
Singapore Business Schools-Life Long Community Group 140


・Cross-cultural communication
・Global strategy
・Global perspectives


・Human resource management
・Leadership behavior
・Leadership development
・Leadership for change
・Leadership and organizational development
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(Technology + Innovation)
・Business Model Innovation
・Organizational Innovation
Singapore Business Schools-Your Kokorozashi goal


・Business strategy planning
・New business creation
・Organizational change
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Past Corporate Clients' Cases

1. Developing a robust succession plan to cultivate local leaders.

The President of a Japanese company’s Southeast Asia headquarters recognized the challenge of managing and expanding overseas businesses, given the limited time he would spend in each country.

Seeking to cultivate local leadership, he turned to GLOBIS for help in identifying and training candidates to lead the company in the next five to ten years.

With the president’s active participation in discussions, the program not only developed management skills but also fostered a growth mindset and resulted in some participants being appointed to top positions, while expanding the company’s culture of learning.

2. Developing leaders who innovate and cultivate a culture of growth.

The President of a Japanese company’s Singapore office approached GLOBIS with a vision to create a new business model originating from Southeast Asia and to train people who could initiate new projects.

Through discussions on customer value propositions, profit models, key processes, and key resources, participants gained a deeper understanding of the company’s vision and a broader perspective, resulting in the implementation of some proposed ideas.

The President’s active participation and commitment, along with contributions from supervisors, colleagues, and personal networks, fostered a supportive organizational culture to tackle new challenges and projects in Southeast Asia.